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Friday, 10 February 2017
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Magnussen admits he voted against Halo for 2018

Feb.13 (GMM) Kevin Magnussen has admitted he was among the group of F1 drivers who actively voted against introducing 'Halo' next year.

The controversial cockpit-protection concept was already delayed for 2017, and now it emerges that following a driver vote, it might be put on the back burner for a further year.

A German media report earlier this month said 16 drivers had responded to the FIA's request, and 7 were against the Halo, 5 in favour, and 4 abstained.

"I voted no," Haas driver Magnussen confirmed to the Danish newspaper BT.

"I think it is against formula one's DNA," he explained.

"Halo undoubtedly reduces the risk if you were hit by a wheel or debris from another car," the 24-year-old admitted. "But I just think that there are many other things we should look at first to improve safety."

Magnussen says it is not right to link the potential introduction of Halo with the death of Jules Bianchi.

"What happened to Jules was deeply tragic," he said. "And also bad luck. The sport must learn from what happened in Suzuka, but a Halo would not have changed anything about that accident."